Banditas Magazine: Contributor Guidelines

    Thank you for your interest in contributing to Banditas Magazine.

    We are an independent action and adventure sports website for women.
    We accept freelance submissions from professionals and amateurs alike who have a desire
    to share their gritty goodness. Do you have a fantastic tale you want to share with the
    Banditas audience? Be sure to get to know us before submitting your work. By checking out
    the Banditas magazine and spending some time on all of our social media sites you will get a
    taste for the soulful, free-spirited flavor we are seeking. Your submissions should reflect
    familiarity with our magazine’s content and tone.

    Sports categories

    We are looking for coverage for the sports that we feature, including bike, skate, surf, snow,
    wind, paddle, climb and motor. Do you have a sport we have not included here? Don’t be
    shy. Send it our way for consideration!

    Lifestyle categories

    Think sunsoaked roadtrips. Picking the right gear for that epic weekend adventure. Preparing
    simple and nutritious food for the mid-ride re-fuel. The tips and tricks you’ve learned along
    the way that help you succeed on this journey called life.
    Consider submitting the goods related to: fashion, road tripping, festivals, camping, health &
    wellness, beauty and anything else that keeps the party going.


    Direct us your pictures, headlines, fun facts, event highlights, etc. in a way that entices the
    reader to follow in your footsteps. We want our readers to FEEL what you are experiencing.
    Be sure to send us your story jazzed up with stoke & style. We strive to inspire every
    woman’s growth in their sport and dreams.
    Share the technical aspects of your favorite sport and how it can benefit athletes seasoned
    and new.

    Is there a piece of gear you love or a company you endorse? We want to know about them!
    Showcase fresh accomplishments from competitions, challenges, and sport related travels.
    Pictures, videos, essays – we want them all. Have you tried something new? Have you
    completed a skill you’ve been challenged by for some time? Put it into words and attach ome photos for visual stim! Be an advocate for your sport and help unite women through
    their passions.

    Format Options
    This may include, but not limited to:

    • Pictures (jpeg)
    • Video’s
    • Features: 500 words in length max.
    • Event highlights: 300 word max. We love coverage of fun and mindful events. If you would like to review an event, please send a query ahead of time.
    • Gear reviews: 100-300 word max. The best reviews are those that are personal, specific and honest. Whether you’re overwhelmingly positive or negative, we’ll trust you more if you can back up your opinions with details. A gear review must include a picture of the product.
    • Opinion pieces welcome

    The Nitty Gritty
    Let’s face it, nobody likes reading a long drawn out story. Let it flow and shine with effortless
    style and encouragement.

    Please include:

    • Full name
    • Bio – 2 sentences
    • Your headshot (jpeg)
    • Photo credits
    • Location
    • URLs to your website, blog, etc.

    Would you like to become a contributor?

    Contact us at:
    (please note – this is a temporary email address).



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